About Miscellany Models

Welcome to Miscellany Models!

Those of you who have followed my blog, will know that I have been tinkering with components for the models that I have been making, starting initially with MacKenzie & Holland signals.  To assist those of you who might want to build items similar to these, I am making those that are complete available for sale.    At this stage, I am not proposing to launch these fully on the open market but I will produce enough in both 4mm and 7mm scales to make them available to Highland Railway Society members and those that have needs for signal components of this nature via these pages.

Quite what happens thereafter depends on what interest I receive.  I do have a number of further things in the pipeline for my own use and if there is demand for them then I will also offer these on a similar basis.  For this reason, I am creating a separate web-page for Miscellany Models, to enable you to see what is available and up-coming, access instructions and prototype details that I have without needing to go through the rest of my blog.

So follow the links below or at the head of the page to see what is available, instructions, photographs etc and how they can be purchased.



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