Lineside 1 & 2 – Small, Medium and Large Brackets

Lineside 1 & 2  – McKenzie & Holland – Small, Medium and Large Brackets 

– 4mm £5.00

These two kits provide sufficient components to build the bracketed landings multi doll signals.  There are options for a two, three or four doll signals and each kit will enable you to build the whole of one such bracketed landing and spares to have a go at a second with a bit of scratchbuilding.

Each etch comes with additional elements such as rocker arms, access steps and miniature brackets for supporting the projection to the landing.  Here are some images of the Small Bracket Etch and then the one for the Medium and Large Brackets:

Small & Minature Brackets 1 July 2014


Small brackets                4mm = £4.50                   7mm = £7.00

Large brackets               4mm = £6.00                    7mm = £10.00

For how to order, please go to the “Contact and Ordering” page.

And the instructions can be downloaded here – Miscellany Models Lineside 1 & 2 Brackets Brackets


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