Introducing Miscellany Models

Welcome to Miscellany Models!

This is an adjunct to my own hobby of making model railways.  Where I have produced items for my model, I am making them available for yours.

You can use either the menus above or the icons below to take you to the items that are available in the range along with their instructions and construction guides.

To order, please use the contact me page to send an email with your request.  Please remember that this is not my day job, so I can not always respond immediately but I try to respond as quickly as I can and you have the comfort of knowing you are talking to a human rather than a machine!

You can find out about impending products and plans, plus rather more model railway related stuff on my blog.


IMG_0046 (3)

Goods Wagons






2 thoughts on “Introducing Miscellany Models

  1. Julian Roberts

    Hello Mark

    I like the look of the 6 wheel coach/guards van. Did these vehicles appear in Scotland in BR times? – around when would they have finally disappeared?

    Thanks, all the best
    Julian Roberts

    1. highlandmiscellany Post author

      They were quite commonplace in Scotland in the early LMS period; there are a lot of photographs on Highland branchlines in the 1920s for example. Whilst I know a few made it to the BR period, I doubt that they were in revenue service by then. Tool vans for brakedown trains or similar was more likely.


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