Lineside 3 – MacKenzie & Holland Signal Arms, Balance Weights & Components

Lineside 3 – McKenzie & Holland Signal Arms, Balance Weights & Components 

– 4mm £8.50

This kit provides sufficient components to build four arms in a variety of forms, homes, distants and shunt signals.  The etch includes arms for each of these, spectical plates, balance levers, balance lever supports, arm mounting plates and components to make a pair of windlass mechanisms, used to allow the signalman to avoid ascending the signal to light or turn off the lamp.

Prices for the small brackets are:

4mm       = £7.00                                7mm       = £11.00

For how to order, please go to the “Contact and Ordering” page.

And the instructions can be downloaded here: Miscellany Models Lineside 3 4 & 5 Signal Arms Bits and lamps Finials

And some pictures of a signal completed using these components is shown here:





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