Future Plans and Dreams

The sort of things that I am pretty certain will appear in the future (see development pictures) are:

  • Water Columns, both the Highland Standard type (type B) and the one with a tourie (type A).
  • A Highland Railway yard crane, based on the one on at Aviemore.
  • A Highland Railway diagram 25, twin swivel bolster.
  • Window etches for Wick Station Building and Kyle of Lochalsh engine shed (these will definitely be special order)

There are a few other more dream type items, that I will not specifically mention now (to save making a rod for my own back).  This includes a Highland loco that has presently not been covered by anybody, at least a couple more items of rolling stock, a bridge and if I can get things to work, a building too.

If you follow my blog, you may well see some of the development work on some of these things.

Aviemore Crane 1 crop  100_2671compress


2 thoughts on “Future Plans and Dreams

  1. Peter Esgate

    Will you be producing transfer names for Highland Small Ben’s as they appeared in LMS days ? Ian Ford suggested I ask for your advice on this query at the Perth show. Thanks in advance for your reply, Peter.

    1. highlandmiscellany Post author

      Hi Peter,

      I have been exploring this as a possibility as I had the need for a number of names for my own interests. If you go to this post http://highlandmiscellany.com/2013/11/10/chequebook-modelling-a-wee-ben/ you will see that I have done some artwork (and in fact this has moved on from this – I will do another posting on Highland Miscellany soon). At the moment, we are trying to get a manufacturer to produce them and are in discussions with a couple of people; with a couple not being interested. I am not clear on what they might cost, I doubt that many would buy them so I do foresee that the unit cost will be somewhat higher than your standard sheets from Modelmaster or the like. Keep your eyes on the Highland Miscellany site (there is a facility to put your email address into this and thus get notifications of when I post things) – details will follow at some point.

      Which of the Bens were you interested in by the way – I can look up whether this was a name I did in full or whether it needs to be assembled from the alphabet?


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