Fully Sprung Fox Bogies

Coach 2 – Fox Bogies (Fully Sprung) – 4mm £16.00 (etches per pair)

In conjunction with Rumney Models

Cover picture

Fox patented press steel bogies were used by a number of companies, including the HR, NER, GNR, NB, CR, LSWR & SER with only details (such as the axleboxes being different).  These bogies have been produced jointly with Rumney Models and are capable of being built with full footboards, short boards or none.  They are sprung at both the bolster and the axleboxes and really do glide rather than bounce over trackwork.

They rely on cast axleboxes/bolsters, which need to be sourced separately (a number are proposed in this range but note presently available).  If you are replacing bogies in kits (say Lochgorm Kits or D&S kits) then you will be able to use these.  They also need wheels and wasted top hat bearings.

Instructions: Rolling Stock 2 – Fox Bogies March 2019